The 4 Worst People to Sit Next to When You Don’t Use Charter Plane Services

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Wcharter plane servicehen you choose charter plane services, you’re choosing to live life a cut above the majority of everyday Americans. While Windsor Jet does offer empty leg flights at reduced rates, the business of private jet charter services is not a cheap one by any means. Even frequent flyers of charter plane services can’t necessarily manage to use them all the time.

Approximately 8 million people fly every day, and most everyone has experienced public airfare travel at some time or another. There always seems to be a few common themes that always pop up.

  1. The Chit-Chatter: There’re many reasons respondents in a recent survey rated themselves as 20% more productive while on company aircraft than in the office, but 40% less productive when flying commercial and one of the biggest is external distractions. You can usually spot the chit-chatter before they even find their seat. They’re the one blocking the aisle and holding up traffic as they gab up the flight attendant about their niece who’s “training to become one herself and maybe you two will meet someday…” You get the picture.
  2. The Traveler with No Regard: According to a recent TripAdvisor poll, 41% of Americans believe the biggest improvement to most airlines would be more legroom. Unlike charter plane services, legroom can be hard to come by on any commercial flight. When you’re sitting by, or behind, the person with no regard it becomes a real issue. From an armrest invasion to the ever-reclining seat in front of you that’s reminiscent of that trash compactor scene in Star Wars (original trilogy for you youngsters) sitting near a person with no sense of personal space is one of the worst ways to travel.
  3. The “Investigative Reporter”: Not to be confused with a real investigative reporter who would likely have some pretty cool stories to share, this person needs to know every detail about who you are, where you’re going, what you’ll be doing there, how long you’ll be staying, and more.
  4. The New Parent: This one may be a bit cliche, but no one enjoys a crying baby on a plane. Unless of course it’s your kid.

People fly every day. Flying private is the way to go to avoid these kinds of people from disrupting the work, or rest, you plan on getting in while in flight.

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