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Comprehensive, personalized, turnkey solution

As owners of private jets, you learned long ago that you must focus on what you do best in order to achieve success. At Windsor Jet, we understand that your private flights aircraft may be a business tool, or it may be your reward for a lifetime of hard work. Regardless, there will be a time where it is not in the air. That’s where Windsor’s private jet charters operating certificate becomes quite valuable. As one of our managed aircraft we will help you generate revenue and offset expenses when your private charter jets are not in use.

Windsor Jet Management offers a comprehensive, turnkey aircraft management program that combines aviation expertise, experience, safety and reliability to provide a solution customized to your personal aviation needs. You’ll realize all the advantages of having your own in-house private flights department without the responsibility or overhead. Let us tailor fit our aircraft management package to fit your specific needs so that you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of joining our fleet.

Managing all aspects of your aircraft:
+ Aircraft Maintenance
+ Scheduler
+ Safety Oversight
+ Flight Crew Selection
+ Flight and Maintenance Training
+ Cleaning & Catering

Additional Benefits:
+ Remarkable aircraft fleet purchasing power
+ Long-term industry relationships
+ Windsor Jet Global Charter Certificate
+ Safety Certificates: AR/GUS Platinum Rated
+ 24/7 client centric private flights and support team
+ FBO, Ramp, office and hangar facilities

Contact us to become an exclusive member and let us elevate your revenue and lifestyle.


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