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The Private Jets Of Celebrities

Instead of waiting for hours at the airport with the rest of us, many celebrities travel in true style in their own private jets. You too can enjoy a private jet charter without owning a private jet with the service offered by Windsor Jet Management. Here are some examples of just how luxurious these rides are.

A Personal Fleet Of Airplanes

John Travolta has 5 airplanes to his name. How does he manage all of these planes? Well, he built his own 1.4 mile landing strip in his backyard and has a captain’s license to personally fly all of his planes. His baby – the Boeing 707 – is the only plane in that model to be owned and operated by a private citizen in the US. Originally a gift from the Qantas airline, it’s equipped with enough bedrooms and luxury bathrooms for his family and friends.

You’re A Private Pilot? You’re Hired

Donald Trump – real estate mogul, TV personality, and owner of a distinct head of hair – has outfitted his own Boeing 727-23 into his own personal taxi. This 1968 former American Airlines plane now has all of the touches that you’d expect from a billionaire with extreme self-worth. The plane has luxurious leather armchairs with gold-plated seat-belt buckles for its 22 passengers, oil paintings hung on the wall, Waterford Crystal lamps, and a 23-carat gold leaf Trump logo on its exterior. Donald Trump can get from New York to Las Vegas with no trouble at all.


Oprah: The Queen Of The Air

Oprah Winfrey shelled out $45 million for her Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. This plane carries 19 passengers, so she can take her whole team with her as she travels, building schools out of thin air and inspiring women wherever she goes. Her plane has recliner-style leather seats, workstations with all the latest technology so she can continue her media dominance, and boasts a sleek design that allows it to fly at high speeds.

Beyonce’s Best Gift Ever to Jay-Z

Beyonce bought husband Jay-Z a $40 million airplane that can carry their growing family (plus entourage) around the world as they tour and expand their brands. The Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet has a living room with cream leather furniture, a kitchen with state of the art appliances, and a bedroom where the couple can retreat on their way to Los Angeles.


A Perfect Airplane For The Master Of Air: Michael Jordan’s Private Jet

After years spent dominating the courts, Michael Jordan gets flown around in his own Gulfstream IV, beautifully designed in North Carolina blue and white. His Air Jordan logo is tastefully emblazoned on the airplane’s tail, and his plane’s aircraft number cleverly has “23″ and “MJ” in it. Sometimes what’s on the outside counts just as much as what’s on the inside.



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