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Private Jet Charter to the Bahamas Islands in the Caribbean

So it’s time for your vacation and you have decided to take a private jet to the Bahamas. Windsor Jet Management is a global leader in private jet flights all over the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all of Central and South America. With a vast fleet of private jets, Windsor is always on call and ready to fly you to the Bahamas! Here are few suggestions of where to go and what to do when you take a private jet to the Bahamas.

The Bahamas are independent island chain nation located a short distance from the coast of Florida. A trip to the Bahamas can be an excellent way to relax and enjoy the area’s warm climate, pristine waters and abundant sunshine. The region has many lovely attractions that can provide hours of amusement for visitors of all ages. If you are looking for another destination only a few hours away from Florida, try jetting off to St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands.

Those in search of a beautiful view here will find it at the Hermitage on Cat Island. The less developed island offers spectacular scenery in a secluded place with and many fine local beaches. People who like to engage in outdoor activities while here may want to consider a visit to Ocean Club Golf Course. This course, considered one of the best in the world, offers a series of challenging and exciting golf courses with glorious views of the ocean a short distance away. Visit other Caribbean Islands for more golfing and outdoor activities.

The Bahamas also has a fabulous local restaurant scene with many world class places to eat. Café Martinique, located in the sunlit Bahamian capital of Nassau, offers diners French classics with a Caribbean twist. Roasted fresh regional lobster tails are accompanied by regional fried plantains. Chefs from around the region have also been drawn here to work with area ingredients. Internationally renowned chef Bobby Flay has opened Mesa Grill where Southwestern inspired cuisine is infused with Bahamian specialties such as coconut and mahi mahi. The region has also developed a specific style of cuisine based on the use of abundant seafood and area spices. Try the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay for conch fritters.

lighthouse - bahamas

One of the most popular Bahamaian attractions is Castaway Cay. Castaway Cay is a private island that has been leased exclusively to Disney Cruises. The island has been turned into a water park based on a castaway theme. Children and adults alike can enjoy water sports and explore the island’s inviting beaches. Another popular attraction in the Bahamas with easy access to beaches is Lighthouse Beach. This secluded beach offers five miles of soft sand beaches and the chance to swim in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea in one place.

The complex ecosystem and diversity of the region is showcased in the Marine Habitat at Atlantis. Part of one of the area’s most renowned complexes, the habitat has thousands of colorful fish and other types of marine life on display for close viewing as well as interaction. People can see a stingray feeding, get close up visit with seals and swim with friendly dolphins. The variety of marine life here is considered some of the world’s most astonishing. Another place to find local culture is with Action Jackson Limbo King. People can watch a performance by Action Jackson and other dancers.

Airports near the Bahamas

1) Nassau Sea Plane Base Airport (WZY) – Sea Plane Base, Bahamas – 3 kilometers from Bahamas
2) Paradise Island Airport (PID/MYPI) – Nassau/Paradise Island, Bahamas – 6 kilometers from Bahamas
3) Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS/MYNN) – Nassau, Bahamas – 16 kilometers from Bahamas
4) Andros Town International Airport (ASD/MYAF) – Andros Town, Bahamas – 62 kilometers from Bahamas
5) Chub Cay International Airport (CCZ/MYBC) – Chub Cay, Bahamas – 65 kilometers from Bahamas
6) North Eleuthera Airport (ELH/MYEH) –  Dunmore Town, Bahamas – 80 kilometers from Bahamas
7) Governor’s Harbour Airport (GHB/MYEM) – Governors Harbour, Bahamas – 105 kilometers from Bahamas
8)  Rock Sound International Airport (RSD/MYER) – Rock Sound, Bahamas – 121 kilometers from Bahamas

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