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Private Jet to Caracas, Venezuela

Windsor Jet Management is a global leader in private jet flights all over the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all of Central and South America. Get ready to explore South America in style when you fly by private jet to Caracas, Venezuela.

Latin America has long been an underrated vacation spot for would-be travelers, but the World Cup in Brazil has sparked new interest in the vibrant and lively cultures of the countries and cities far south of America. One of these cities now receiving just dues is the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas with its astounding tropical weather and mouth-watering cuisine. Beach-hoppers, gastro-tourists, and collectors of knowledge and culture all have something great to gain from a trip to Venezuela and its urban center. Here are a few recommended sites to visit while you are on vacation in Caracas.

First, try a visit to the Centro de Arte La Estancia and Centro de Arte Los Galpones, two art galleries with their own separate vibes. The former is located in the heart of Caracas, but is separate from the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets. Sat in the center of manicured and lush gardens, La Estancia offers art, music and even yoga. Or if you simply want a place to relax, you can sit back and chill in the grass. Centro de Arte Los Galpones is likewise a quiet reprieve from the noise of lives being lived in the hustling city, with its own little shops and galleries and bookstores. Los Galpones also offers live music on occasion.

Some time, take a day trip to gorgeous Galipan, a little mountain town a stone’s throw from Caracas. From its heights, you can marvel at the views of the capital and the coast. It’s also quite the adventure to reach up there in the mountains, either by cable car or a jeep tour. For more breathtaking views of the city, take the Teleferico cable car to the Avila mountains in the north. The ride itself is a trip, the ascent providing an astounding sight of the buildings and streets that make the city. And at the top are some hiking trails you are free to explore.

For the collector of knowledge, La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar and Museo Bolivariano–the home and museum of Simon Bolivar, key political and military leader in Latin America’s fight for independence from the Spanish crown–is a well-preserved sight with past relic, paintings, and touching trinkets of the Latin Liberator. A trek through here is both an exciting and educational experience. And fortunately for travellers, Venezuela has spared no expense for its national heroes, as the monuments that make up the city’s public promenade, Paseo de Los Proceres, are a beautiful sight to see. It is also something to be experienced as its is a popular place to walk, run, bike and roller-blade. Or simply people-watch and soak up the liveliness of the citizens of Venezuela’s great city. When you are ready to go home, Windsor Jet can fly you back to Miami, New York, Los Angeles or wherever you live.

Caracas, Venezuela

Airports near Caracas, Venezuela:

1) Simon Bolivar International Airport of Maiquetia (CCS/SVMI) – Caracas, Venezuela – 29 kilometers from Caracas
2) Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN/SVVA) – Valencia, Venezuela –  177 kilometers from Caracas

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