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Windsor Jet Management is a global leader in private jet flights all over the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all of Central and South America. With a vast fleet of private jets, Windsor is on call and ready to fly you via jet charter to Tokyo, Japan.

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Tokyo, Japan, is an amazing place to visit. There are numerous things for locals and visitors to do while visiting Tokyo that can make a brief trip even more memorable. Visiting unique places makes the journey even more worthwhile. While visit the East, consider extending your trip and visiting Singapore.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, which is located in Meiji Jingu Park, is a wondrous and tranquil place. Although admission is not free, the price is well worth it. Beautiful flowers, towing trees and plenty of quaint ponds make it one of the top parks to visit.

Tokyo Metro

The Tokyo Metro is a vast subway system that connects people to many parts of the city. Visitors who know English will appreciate the fact that a number of ticket machines and train stops are in Japanese and English. Tokyo Metro has 121 miles of rail, nine lines and over six million passengers each day.

Nezu Museum

The Nezu Museum features ceramics, paintings, textiles and much more from the collection of the late Nezu Kaichiro. The museum is also known for having a fantastic Japanese garden. Built in 1940, the Nezu Museum remained virtually untouched during the bombing in 1945.




Asakusa Neighborhood in Tokyo

The Asakusa neighborhood has lots to offer. Shoppers love to visit the Nakamise, which features all types of gifts and souvenirs. The neighborhood is known for having senbei rice crackers. Popular restaurants to visit include Imahan Uenohirokojiten, Inshotei and Asakusa Kagetsudo.One of the most important and oldest temples in Tokyo is Senso-ji. Founded back in 645 AD, this temple was destroyed during World War II, but it was rebuilt. There are plenty of eating facilities and shops. The buildings are quite iconic, and the Sanja Matsuri festival is one of the most popular ones in the city.

Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo

The Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest structure in the country. People can see the beautiful city for miles around at the top of the observation deck, and there is a joint mall for shopping adventures. Tokyo City View is located on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower. The floor itself is astonishing, and there is a restaurant that serves delicious food to visitors.

japan-tokyo - tower


Restaurants in Tokyo: Unique, New Experiences in Food

The Robot Restaurant gives people an amazing show that is filled with lasers, light, delicious food, and unique robots. Maidreamin is a relaxing establishment that is served by maids and has delightful food plus a unique ambiance. Zauo provides patrons the opportunity to catch fish at the restaurant and have a chef prepare each one.


Airports near Tokyo, Japan

1) Tokyo Metropolitan Area Airport (TYO) – Tokyo, Japan – 6 kilometers from Tokyo

2) Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND/RJTT) – Tokyo, Japan – 23 kilometers from Tokyo

3) Yokota Ab Airport (OKO) – Tokyo, Japan – 40 kilometers from Tokyo

4) Atsugi Airport (NJA) – Atsugi, Japan – 43 kilometers from Tokyo

5) Narita International Airport (RJAA) – Tokyo, Japan – 72 kilometers from Tokyo

6) Ibaraki Airport (IBR/RJAH) – Omitama, Japan – 100 kilometers from Tokyo

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