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Flying to Hvar, Croatia has never been easier. Windsor Jet Management offers a wide array of private jets to fly you to Hvar. We have over 5 Gulfstream private jet planes on hand, as well as two Hawker jets, and others. Our goal is to fly you there in supreme comfort, luxury, and of course safety. Nestled in between the Adriatic Sea and the coast of mainland Croatia, Hvar is the perfect relaxation spot for anyone looking to enjoy beautiful beaches.

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Vacation in Hvar

After arriving in Hvar via private jet charter, get yourself situated and enjoy luxurious lodging in one of these 5 star hotels.

The port city of Hvar, Croatia is easily accessible from several locales by ferry, bus, or taxi, and is an incredible area to explore, no matter what your interests are.

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Local Hvar Markets

Start the day by hitting the local markets where you can stock up on artisan bread, cheese, honey, olive oil and other delicacies and souvenirs unique to the region. Hvar is best known for its organic lavender and wine production, so be sure to stock up!

Hvar, Croatian Islands

One of the must-see sites in the region are the Paklinski Islands, located just off the coast of Hvar. Venture out to the islands on a speedboat or yacht where you can spend the day kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming in the stunning waters. Additionally, any locale that has an airport is accessible to a Windsor Jet private jet – tell us your preferred island and we will get you as close as possible.

Visit Hvar’s centuries-old fortress, Fortica (also known locally as Spanjola), which offers insight into the medieval city, not to mention an unforgettable view of Hvar and the surrounding islands.Take an afternoon stroll through Hvar Town, a charming mix of Gothic architecture, stone streets, and modern eateries and shops. Dine at one of the renowned high-end restaurants featuring unique local menus, while soaking in breathtaking panoramic views of the coast.


The abandoned village of Malo Grablje, not far from Hvar Town, is a real-world museum and fascinating study in stone architecture. A walk through the ghost town offers incredible and unlikely scenes of ancient buildings and weathered homes, and will easily be the highlight of your visit!


Watch the sun go down at one of the many coastal clubs while enjoying a cocktail. One of the most popular and luxurious nightlife destinations in the world, Carpe Diem, is in Hvar and sees thousands of tourists and locals, of all backgrounds, each night on its beachfront dancefloors partying to world-renowned DJ sets into the morning hours.

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Summertime in Hvar is a non-stop party, with the popular For Festival being the preeminent music event. Featuring alternative and non-traditional artists and DJs from around the world, For Festival (“For” is the ancient name of Hvar), is an exclusive, intimate 3-day concert, with only 2,500 tickets available. Surrounding the festival are plenty of events at coastal bars, followed by impromptu nightly parties at the area’s upscale beachfront clubs.

Hvar is a beautiful coastal town that is rich with history and architecture, and caters to all types of visitors, from backpackers to partygoers to socialites seeking a secluded, relaxing getaway. The best way to enjoy a relaxing getaway is with the most relaxing mode of transportation possible: a private jet, which we have on hand and ready to fly you. Call us today!

Hvar, Croatia Airports: Jet Charter Information


  1. Split Airport (SPU) 42 kilometers from Hvar, Croatia. This airport is also known as Resnik Airport, and serves the city of Split. It is now the second busiest airport in Croatia for both passengers and planes. In 2013 it handled 1,581,734 passengers, and is open to both commercial and private jet. 
  2. Brac Airport (BWK)  85 kilometers from Hvar, Croatia. Also known as Bol Airport, it is one of three island airports in the country. It handles both commercial and private jet aircraft. Although charter flights only fly during the summer. 
  3. Zadar Airport (ZAD) 135 kilometers from Hvar, Croatia. Zadar airport commercial jets fly to 16 European countries including Germany, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
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