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Windsor Jet Management has a whole fleet of private jets ready to take you on private jet flights all over the world. We have the latest Gulfstream private jets, as well as Hawkers, Citations, and Challenger private jets. Ibiza is the perfect city for a private jet flight, as Windsor Jet is able to touch down on any airport open to landings.

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Things To Do In Ibiza

After arriving in Ibiza via private jet charter, you have a myriad of options of where to room and board. If you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay, definitely check out a beautiful villa which you can rent during your stay.


Ibiza is well known for its beaches – both in terms of beauty and partying. Las Salinas beach, located just 10 minutes from Ibiza Town, is a favorite for celebrities and wealthy people. With lounges, restaurants, bars, as well as electro boats and a diving school, Las Salinas has something for everyone. It spans approximately 1.5 kilometers, and is a must see for any tourist.

ibiza beach

Credit: Flickr (User: Xavi)

Another great beach to hit up while in Ibiza is Cala Canta beach, also known as Platjes de Comte.  Only 800 meters long, it is probably the most interesting beach in Ibiza, primarily due to its nature-like appeal. It has a rocky coastline and a sandy dune surrounding it. Within the rocky coastline is a small cove that is accessible to more experienced swimmers. Here is a great resource for more beautiful Ibiza beaches.

ibiza beach 2 - david sim

Credit: David Sims


Ibiza is most known for its wild nightlife, with packed clubs and popular DJs. Tourists come from all over the world in order to experience the renown Ibiza nightlife, and to hear DJ’s like Avicii, David Guetta, and others. If you are able to jet into Ibiza via private jet charter for a quick weekend, here are the places that you need to visit: The most well known club in all of Ibiza is probably Amnesia, located near San Rafael, (in the middle of the island). Amnesia has the best electro house music, along with 2 gigantic rooms, an upper level, and water cannons which sporadically shoot out at revelers.

ibiza dance pic

Credit: Flickr (User: City Shake)

Booom! is a new club located by the Ibiza Marina, and has capacity for 1000 people. It is known for its incredible light shows with popular DJ’s who keep the crowd moving.

ibiza nightlife - tamas kooning lansbergen photography

Credit: Tamas Kooning Lansbergen Photography


In addition to partying, Ibiza has a great cultural element as well. Definitely check out the local markets. The most notable one’s are Mercadillos Hippy, which have unique markets selling all kinds of cool and local products, including handmade.

ibiza mercadillo - pablo monteagudo

Credit: Pablo Monteagudo


The most well known market is probably Es Canar, and is open on Wednesdays. Es Canar is a beach resort village, and because it is based on the north eastern seaboard of the islands, allows for a dazzlingly memorable sunset that every tourist needs to see.

ibiza sunset - jim mcCulloch

Credit: Jim McCulloch


Ibiza is a really pretty and lively city to visit. There are many beautiful islands and beaches that one can see, so make sure you leave enough time to see them all. The array of local markets is also culturally impressive.

ibiza speedboat - flickr- jose a.

Credit: Flickr (User: Jose A.)

Ibiza is a wonderful city to visit, with many attractions to take in. Take a private jet to Ibiza, and fly Windsor- we will take you there in utmost safety, comfort, elegance. Call us to get a private jet quote today!

How Many Private Jets Fly to Ibiza?

There are over 7000 private jets which fly to Ibiza each year, with nearly 60% of those private jets flown during the summer months of June, July and August.

Private Jet Culture

There is definitely a culture of private jet flying to Ibiza. Known as a spot for the wealthy and travel tested, Ibiza has become a hub for the rich to go and party, both during the summer months but also throughout the year. As with most private jet destinations, Ibiza is popular

Airports We Fly Jet Charter To:

1) Ibiza Airport (IBZ) This airport serves both the Balearic Islands of Ibiza as well as the Formentera in Spain. It accepts both commercial and private jet aircraft, and is located 7 kilometers southwest of Ibiza Town.



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