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Private Jet to La Romana, Dominican Republic

So it’s time for your vacation and you have decided to take a private jet to the Dominican. Windsor Jet Management is a global leader in private jet flights all over the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all of Central and South America. With a vast fleet of private jets, Windsor is always on call and ready to fly you to the Caribbean! Planning your trip may be a daunting task since there are over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean and so much to see and do. Here are few suggestions of where to go and what to do when you take a private jet charter to the Caribbean.

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La Romana

La Romana is a charming city in the South Eastern region of the Dominican Republic. It happens to be the third largest city in the whole country, and it is the capital city of the La Romana province. The city is well-known for its many tourist attractions. Besides this, it is located near the capital city of the Dominican Republic, which is known as Santo Domingo de Guzman. Its location makes it possible for a person to travel a short distance for a brief holiday to La Romana and make it back to the capital without taking much time.The city has a rich as well as an interesting history. It is named after a weighing tool that was used to measure commodities for export. It has a long history, having been founded in 1897 due to its oil deposits. It has an industrial background seeing as it developed from an oil town to the sugar industry and extended to the livestock industry.Most of the people traveling to La Romana today are, however, not interested in its industry but in what it has to offer to visiting tourists. When traveling by private jet to La Romana, one can be assured of convenient travel as there is the La Romana Airport that is fully functional; it is just eight kilometers from the city itself. Moreover, there are other airports that are near the city that one can utilize.

Things to do in La Romana

Tourist attractions in La Romana are numerous. The most basic attractions include the favorable Caribbean climate, exotic cuisine and rich culture. From guided tours in old but enchanting villages to road trips and even to sports, La Romana has something for everyone. No visitors to La Romana should miss the Altos de Chavon. This is a village of European design that existed in the medieval times but has now been renovated to fit every tourist’s dream. Any person who would love a feel of the old Europe is welcome here.



La Romana also offers opportunities to play golf for the golfers, quad adventures for those who enjoy a rush of adrenaline and even scuba diving. For persons more interested in interacting with local culture and people, a tour through San Domingo town is possible. There is also a host of interesting activities that come under the head Bayahibe Runners. These include safaris, excursions, rides through sugar cane farms and coffee tasting encounters.

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