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Windsor Jet Management is a global leader in private jet charter flights across the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all of Central & South America. With a vast fleet of private jets, Windsor Jet is ready and waiting to fly you via private jet charter to Moscow.

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Arriving in Moscow

After touching down in Moscow via private jet, get into town with a luxurious private limo, and park yourself in a luxurious hotel.


Moscow’s Red Square is the absolute premier area for anyone to visit. With hundreds of years of history packed into this spot, both good and bad- Ivan The Terrible, Napolean, Lenin all had historical moments here, one can experience many generations of history. There are many ancient buildings still erect for one to gape at, and plenty of walking tours in the city throughout the day. In the center, you will be able to see Lenin’s Tomb, essentially a big black box located in the center of the Red Square.

moscow - red square - dom mcintyre

Credit: Dom Mcintyre

St. Basil’s Cathedral is an exquisite display of ancient architecture. Built in 1552, the Cathedral shows off colorful swirling domes, with 9 total chapels to visit.

moscow - st basils cathedral - flickr - michael clarke stuff

Credit: Flickr (User- Michael Clarke Stuff)

The State Russian Museum, which was formerly known as Russian Museum of His Imperial Majesty Alexander III, was established in 1895, and is the largest collection of Russian art in the entire world. Located in St Petersburg, the Museum is still home to the Mikhailovsky Palace, which offers a remarkable display of his elegant and opulence, and is home to many presentations and balls. Some famous artists that have paintings that live in the museum are Dionisius, Ivan Nikitin, Dmitry Levitzky, Ilya Repin, Karl Brullov, and Leon Bakst.

moscow - state russian museum - kwong yee cheng

Credit: Kwon Yee Cheng


GUM and TSUM. These places are different than what they sound like. They are not candies nor operas: they are the two most ostentatious and spacious malls that anyone has ever been to. Sure, the Mall of America in Minnesota is the most well known mall ostentatious mall, but GUM and TSUM are simply forces to be reckoned with: GUM once had over 1200 shops. It now boasts a glass ceiling and is home to many major brands. GUM and TSUM face each other, and likely compete for attention among tourists, locals, and oligarchs alike. 

moscow - gum mall - ed yourdon

Credit: Ed Yourdon


Gorky Park is a must see for any family that wants to experience the fresh and frigid outdoors of Moscow. One can walk along the Moscow River, take a Ferris Wheel, pass through Brandenburg gate, and walk along the river to see some incredible views. Additionally, there are many delicious local food options for one to enjoy along the way.

moscow - gorky park - valeri pizhanski

Credit: Valeri Pizhanski

Winzavod is an area that would interest any tourist. Considered to be the Meatpacking district of Moscow, it now houses clothing stores, photography galleries, fashion shows, and acts as the hipster, cultural compass of Moscow.


Soho Rooms is a nightlife spot that you may have heard of. It is considered one of the most exclusive and upscale clubs in the planet – attempting entry runs the risk of waiting at the door for quite some time. Once inside, be sure to check out four total rooms: Dining Room, Disco Room, Bar Room & Summer Terrace. Top DJ’s come to Soho Rooms to perform.

Cafe MIO is another well known night spot, and is more inviting to outside guests, as it has a more lenient door policy and is an overall more comfortable environment. MIO is also known for having famous DJ’s come through its doors, and has a reputation for making the most tasty on the spot cocktails in all of Moscow. Drink up!

Moscow is a cold but vast city with a ton of attractions, both indoor and outdoor. When you look to travel there, make sure you call Windsor Jet, and take a luxurious private jet charter to arrive in Moscow in just hours. Call now for a private jet quote!

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