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Windsor Jet Management is a global leader in private jet charter flights across the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all of Central & South America. With a vast fleet of private jets, Windsor is waiting and on call to fly you via jet charter to Singapore.

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Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore might be one of the more unique and interesting cities in Asia, as it maintains an interesting combination of modern culture and antiquated history that is brought to the forefront in many aspects of its culture.


The first thing that any tourist should check out is the Botanic Gardens, because of its sheer breathtaking beauty and, perhaps more importantly, friendly hours (5 am to 12 am). With acres upon acres of lush greenery in all shapes and sizes, the Botanic Gardens is rather enthralling. The most important and visually stunning part, if you had to choose one, is the National Orchid Garden, (open from 8:30 am to 7 pm).

singapore botanic gardens

Credit: Flickr (User: Sheba_Also)

singapore - botanic garden 2 - flickr - sheba_also

Credit: Flickr (User: Sheba_also)

The Singapore Zoo is quite a treat, especially if you have the whole family with you. They have an impressive array of exotic animals, some of which you can get up close and personal with, including elephants! A nice and somewhat unknown gem about the zoo is that they have an exquisitely beautiful night safari, in which everything is lit up, and you are brought around to different habitats. You will be able to see hippos, rhinos, zebras and more!

singapore zoo - flickr - sheba_also

Credit: Flickr (User: sheba_also)

Sentosa is an island built for the sole purpose of housing a huge amusement park, and is nicknamed “Asia’s Favorite Playground”. There is a beach, there are roller coasters, there’s golf- anything that a family would want for entertainment, relaxation, or just pure fun, can be found on this inviting island.

singapore - sentosa -  william cho

Credit: William Cho

The Universal Studios is also great for some family fun, packed with rides, food, and all tons of great time-consuming activities for the whole family to enjoy.

singapore - universal studios - nan-chen tsai

Credit: Nan-Chen-Tsai


The Asian Civilizations Museum is a great place to view all of the different cultures that come together in Southeast Asia. Technically, the Asian Civilizations Museum is a conglomerate, and includes an additional 3 total museums, including Old Tao Nan School, National Museum of Singapore, & Singapore Art Museum. A notable collection in the museum are the Dehua porcelain figures, as well as stunning Taoist and Buddist statues.

Little India is an exciting and culturally explosive local hotspot for any tourist to check out. Located east of the Singapore River, Little India is known vernacularly as Tekka within the Tamil community. Serangoon road is the main hub and epicenter of all of the interesting shops and eateries, and be sure to check out the Tekka mall, also on that road.

singapore - little india - khalzuri yazid

Credit: Khalzuri Yazid

Some of the shops have great local flavor, and you can certainly find great cultural gems to buy for friends family back home. Check out the local designs for a real infusion of Singaporian and Indian style that is surely unique from you’ve ever seen before.

singapore - little india 2 - khalzuri yazid

Credit: Khalzuri Yazid

Singapore is a great city to visit. Don’t be scared off by some of the local strict laws (spitting out gum in the street can net you a big fine!), as Singapore is a unique and cultural melting pot that is sure to dazzle. Get to Singapore in safety, comfort and style with one of Windsor Jet’s luxurious jets, and get a private jet quote today!

Singapore Airports We Charter To:

1) Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

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