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Douglas Spanier

Director of Operations

Douglas Spanier is an accomplished Pilot and Aviation Manager with more than 30 years of flight management experience. Mr. Spanier has been the Director of Training, Chief Pilot and the Director of Operations for several large aircraft Part 135 operators over the last 15 years. Additionally he has managed his own Charter sales and Ground transportation business with the successful sale of that company to a national operator.

Doug graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Air Commerce Flight Technology. As a new pilot he started immediately in his aviation career as a flight instructor. He then migrated to a small commuter operation flying in the North East between NYC and Boston, including Hyannis and Martha’s Vineyard. Eventually he started his own Single Pilot 135 operation, which served the Long Island to Atlantic City Market. As his career moved forward he found his way into Large Multi engine aircraft where he flew cargo in Convair 440’s for several years before finally getting into Jets in 1987. Between 1987 and 1992 Doug flew charter in aircraft ranging from the King Air 200, Citation II and the Lear Jet 35 and 55. For several years in the 1990’s he started his own computer company and sold hardware and charter software to small 135 operators. Additionally he developed a ground transportation business, which served the aviation market at all NY and NJ airports. In the early 2000’s Doug sold those businesses and moved to South Florida where he continued to fly charter in the Lear 60 and Challenger 601. For the next several years Doug was asked to become the Standards Captain and eventually the Director of Training for a large 135 operation. He eventually became the Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for another 135 operator.

Today Doug has enjoyed being the Director of Operations for Windsor Jet Management for the last 3 years.

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