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Leonel Leon

Vice President

Leonel Leon is a modern, strategic business executive with over 20 plus years of international leadership experience throughout a diverse portfolio of global industries covering aviation, real estate, medical, food, financial and industrial products and services. Leonel’s professional education includes a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration.

Leo, as everyone knows him, commenced his business career in the early 90s and is a long-term, business strategist specializing in financials, planning, organizational structure, systems implementations, procedure and process optimization and innovative management. In 1996, Leo worked for American Airlines in the International Security Department. To follow from 1996-1999, Leo held the position of Internal Auditor and Organizer of systems and procedures for a large catering company supporting the oil industry.

Top management positions followed with Cargill Foods, worldwide leader in distribution of agriculture, financial and industrial products and with the largest distributer in Venezuela overseeing 450 employees and bringing in $70 million annually in revenue. In the late 2000s, Leo started consulting for a variety of businesses. He managed more than 300 properties both commercial and residential in Central and South America.

In 2013, Leo joined with Windsor Jet Management to oversee W Aviation, the Fixed Based Operator (FBO) division and the related property expansion and development project at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. He spearheaded the aggressive growth and success of W Aviation FBO: from pumping 8,000 gallons per month in fuel volume to date pumping more than 100,000 gallons monthly. He implemented the FBO organizational structure, standards, processes and systems. Currently, W Aviation is second in highest fuel sales on the airfield.

Today, he holds the position of Vice President for the entire Windsor Group covering fixed based operation (KFXE and SVMI), fuel business, charter and property development. Leo is the long-term business strategist executive team member with oversight on the company’s growth, financials, processes, procedures, plans and organizational structure.

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