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Lisa Schuler-Pardo

Director of Cabin Services

Lisa Schuler-Pardo has been in aviation from childhood having a father who was a recreational pilot. At a young age Lisa’s passion for aviation started as her father used to fly her to the islands for family holidays and gatherings. In 2004, Lisa became a flight attendant and has been in that area of aviation ever since. Lisa has flown extensively both domestic and international covering Europe, Africa, Pacific, South America and the Caribbean. Her aircraft experience is diverse from heavy, super heavy to transport category aircraft varies from all Gulfstream, Challenger, Global Express and Boeing 737 models.

Lisa demonstrates the ability to provide professional service interacting with diverse population of crew and passengers in a variety of circumstances utilizing strong problem solving/conflict resolution skills. Lisa also has expertise in culinary meals, food planning and design.

Currently, Lisa holds the position of Director of Cabin Services for Windsor Jet Management. She acts as the liaison between flight attendants, flight crew and management and manages all aspects of cabin environment to ensure the safety of senior corporate executives, clients and their families.




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