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Whether you are flying to New York, Paris, Shanghai, Los Angeles, or returning home, a business professional has certain priorities when they are in the air. Flying takes a long time depending on where you’re going, and a 12-hour flight without a comfortable way to work is not conducive to the fast-paced lifestyle of a business traveler.

More that 8 million people fly every day worldwide, and the majority of them are on commercial flights, which are often crowded and loud (not to mention delayed). Comfortable seating is what most Americans passengers believe would be a commercial airline’s biggest improvement, according to TripAdvisor, as well as more legroom. Comfort and productivity seem to go hand-in-hand, as business people believe they become 40% less productive while flying commercial aircraft, according to a survey, while they believe they are 20% more productive on a company-operated private aircraft.

Small to mid-sized companies are more likely to enjoy this luxury, as they are able to fit more of their employees on these flights, whereas larger companies are more inclined to fly their employees commercially. That’s why three quarters of companies that choose to charter jet services have less than 1,000 employees total.

When companies choose to charter a private jet for their employees, they avoid crowded airports, long delays, and productivity blackouts. Nearly half of business aircraft charter services are scheduled out of airports with infrequent or no scheduled flight services, which makes all pre-flight arrangements go smoothly. Plus, private jet charters are able to fly out of more than 5,000 public use airports, 100 times more than commercial airlines, reducing traffic on the runway and in the air. At that rate, a company can charter plane services to almost anywhere in the world.

Once in the air on a private jet, business people spend 36% of their time meeting with clients, on average, 30% working individually, and the remaining time sleeping, reading, or another leisurely activity, supporting their claims that they are more productive aboard private aircraft.

Companies who travel often will save their business travelers money, time, and aggravation at the airport, as well as maximize the amount of work they are able to perform during their flight. By providing them with safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation, the company can ensure the happiness of the employees and the efficiency of their time.

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