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We’ve all seen paparazzi pictures of our favorite celebrities stepping off private jets. This world seems so removed from typical commercial air travel, in which many passengers have to strip off their shoes and get patted down simply to board a plane. It would seem that security issues would be less of a concern when you know every other person on a plane, but is it still necessary to go through security when you’re on a private jet? The answer is a bit complex. One of the benefits of flying private is that one does not have to go to one of the larger airports. Flying out of a regional airport is often much more convenient, with less traffic and hassles. Unlike the larger airports, those driving into the departure area will not likely be stopped by any airport police. Since people who fly private are actually with their luggage the whole time, it does not have to be screened. After parking in a secure, free lot especially for private flyers, the passengers are taken to the aircraft.



At this point, the “security” portion of the flight will take place, but it does not resemble anything like a typical security line. The pilot will normally ask to see all of the passengers’ identification, then he or she also maintains the right to inspect all of the luggage coming on the plane. If the group is traveling to a foreign country, like to London or Rome then the pilot will have to inspect the passport of each person flying. In the EU, especially, it is important to remember that a passport will have to be used before entering each country. Of course, customs officials will be meeting each plane after it lands, so passengers cannot bring anything illegal into the country. It’s still much better than standing in a long line and waiting for a customs official, however! All in all, flying private offers a great deal of benefits for those wanting to avoid the hassle of extraneous security checks.





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