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Safety is our #1 priority and the core of our unwavering pursuit of operational excellence when it comes to offering private charter flights to anyone. Windsor Jet Management is among the select few private charter flight operators who have earned the highest level of industry safety certifications, ARGUS Platinum. Our Director of Safety has been designated to ensure the growth and development of Windsor Jet´s SMS (Safety Management System) program. Our Safety Program is built upon FAA recommendations as well as ICAO’s four pillars of Safety: Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion. This makes your private charter flights run smoother and is another reason why Windsor Jet is a top leader in the industry.

Windsor Jet SMS Program Highlights:

+ All employees have the ability to manually or electronically submit hazard reports
+ All employees receive training on the SMS manual, their role in SMS and how to submit reports
+ Our Director of Safety utilizes software to manage each and every report reducing risks to ALARAP (as low as reasonably possible)
+ The safety committee meets as needed and quarterly at a minimum to analyze our safety risk profile and safety performance indicators to ensure Windsor Jet is proactive and not reactive when it comes to safety during private charter flights or downtime

Windsor Jet private jets are operated and maintained by highly trained personnel following the most rigorous professional standards:
+ Windsor Jet always operates with two PIC trained and qualified pilots
+ Windsor Jet complies with ARGUS Platinum pilot hiring minimums.
+ Our pilots attend simulator training, recurrent ground school every 6 months and must pass a stringent check ride to ensure their abilities meet the highest standards.
+ Windsor Jet’s primary operations are International, making International Procedures normal practice for the Crews.
+ Windsor Jet performs TSA security checks for passengers, crew and anyone who may be working on the aircraft.
+ Our Director of Maintenance and Chief Inspector are “type specific” trained and current on the aircraft within our fleet.

Windsor Jet has completed a formal audit process from ARGUS and attained the highest level of safety: ARGUS Platinum.

Fly Windsor Jet. Feel Secure.


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